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Mirat Forehand T3 2018 Report

Mirat Backhand T3 2018 Report

Mirat Serve T3 2018 Report

Currently Working On

Term 3:

We are trying to extend the arms on the backhand so contact is not so close to the body and can increase spin, power and speed.

On the forehand we are trying to work on getting lower to higher swing to increase the height over the net and maximise the spin on the ball.

Volleys are looking better but need to continue to keep racquet up and move forward for the ball.

Serves, addressing the height of the right elbow on the backswing and forward swing is the biggest focus on the serve. Also addressing the ball toss and to use the hip tilt rather than the lean back.

A major focus in every lesson though is the performance and emotional/mental development. 


Balance: 1 leg skipping, 1 leg ball bouncing, 1 leg ball throws.

Ground strokes (forehand & Backhand): practice swings at home without a ball, practice hitting against a wall (slow smooth swings), roll ball with hand or racquet against the wall (alternate hands).

Serves: throw and catch the ball above the head, throw serves e.g. practice full serve without racquet but a ball instead and throw as high as possible.

Strength & Conditioning: 20 x burpees 30 x squats 30 x lunges 20 x push ups 20 x box jumps and stretching - every 2nd day!!