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Authentic Tennis

Thanks for visiting our site. At Authentic Tennis we believe in creating a safe environment where people of all ages can have fun, make mistakes and learn tennis. This is the only way to learn and improve. We believe tennis is one of the very few individual sports that has many life lessons, such as: coping under pressure, resilience, understanding strengths and weaknesses, being proactive... 

Intro to Authentic Tennis by our director of tennis José

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The Authentic Tennis approach 

We at Authentic Tennis believe that each person is different and each person learns in a different way. Not only that but each person has their own unique play style. We believe it is up to the coach to come up with a program that will be personalised to each individual player. 

We are performance focused. Meaning, all our classes are exclusively capped at 4 students per class. During these classes we are strict on making sure each student is focused, and putting in 100% to working on their tennis goals. 

We also believe in a balanced program. Children should not be burning out by 16-18 years old. That is why we believe in having a well balanced program of on court training, strength and conditioning and flexibility/rehabilitation.    

About Authentic Tennis

Authentic Tennis is a fairly young club, but we have years of experience and industry knowledge to share. Our Director José started Authentic Tennis late in 2017. After previously working in some of Brisbane's most prestigious tennis centres. José opened Authentic Tennis in the hopes of working with students who shared the same passion for the game as him. 

The core values of Authentic Tennis are to have fun, care for all students, provide the best quality service. We only expect two things in return for our time, your absolute respect and highest effort levels.  

We now have a team of coaches to help you on your tennis journey. All with a huge passion for tennis, and seeing students develop into consistent high level players. 

Authentic Tennis is located in Yeronga between the state high and primary schools.

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