Why choose Authentic Tennis?

We understand that each player learns differently, which means each player must be taught different to the next. That is why we design specific programs for each individual player.


We also believe in balance, balance between training/playing mixed with normal life and any other sports the children are playing. The rate of high performance players burning out at a young age is very high due to being pushed too hard too early and no rehabilitation program in place to balance and prevent injuries.

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Junior Development

Red Stage


30 min

Mini Court

No Minimum level required! Our hotshots red tennis class is the entry level for all kids.

With the modified tennis balls anyone can learn the very basics of tennis.

The main focus at this stage is getting the kids using more hand-eye co-ordination, movement and starting to develop the basic swings of tennis. And most of all having fun and making new friends!

* Motor skills    * Balance    * Co-Ordination     * Swings

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