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Positive Mindset

Welcome to our new blog!

Our first topic is on mindset, as tennis is such a mental game. Tennis is a game of mental waves. It can be easy when you're on top, but when it's tight the mind is under pressure. Most players do not have the mental strength to compete on the pro tour, otherwise you would see more juniors making it through to the pro tour. Tennis is not just talent, you need a very positive and confident mindset.


Here are some tips to strengthen your mindset:

Positive Body Language

Did you know that showing positive body language actually effects your opponent as well. Showing your opponent you're ready to compete and go for every ball can cause doubts in their mind. It shows your opponent that this is not going to be a walk over. So keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out and fist pumped.

Positive Self-Talk

Yep it's official tennis players are crazy for talking to themselves. Positive self-talk is one of the best ways to re-enforce what you need to do, and to overpower any negative emotions and thoughts. Use encouraging phases like, 'more spin', 'more height', 'keep moving', 'c'mon'. Stay away from negative words like 'can't' and swearing on court.

Never Give Up Mentally

I know it is easy to say but never giving up mentally is the most important thing on court. I have seen matches at 5-0 completely turned around. Stick to your game plan that your coach has given you and never give up.

Practice some of the above methods to see what works best for you to stay positive and go for every ball until the match is over.


Below is a quiz to test how positive you are on court. See below to find out. Good Luck!

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